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Muskoka / Cottage Country

Enchanted Summers: The Grand Hotels of Muskoka - Book

Enchanted Summers:
The Grand Hotels of Muskoka
By Cameron Taylor

172 page book features rare photographs and memorabilia from private collections; and humorous and poignant reminiscences from the people who ran the hotels, worked at them, and enjoyed summer after summer in their graceful surroundings.

The companion book captures the spirit of Muskoka's hotels as they evolved from settler cabins in a remote Ontario backwater to opulent resorts and a vacationeer's Mecca. Humorous anecdotes and poignant reminiscences accompany photos and memorabilia highlighting life from the early days of the "wilderness resort" through the region's heyday at the turn of the century, to the often fiery demise of so many of these magnificent hotels.

Author Cameron Taylor: "In the book we hear from many people who worked at the hotels or were children of the owners -- all who offer that rare behind the scenes perspective," says writer/director, Cameron Taylor. "Projects like this are richer for the audience because, at the heart of it, an authentic voice is speaking." Between their reminiscences and the archival material, the mood of this forgotten era has been captured÷a passionate reminder that the grand hotels are the foundation to Muskoka's history.

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