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Vanished in the Mist: Part III: The Tidal Waves 1929 on - DVD

In 1929, the Great Depression hit Newfoundland with as much force as did the Burin tsunami. Teetering on bankruptcy, Newfoundland sought refuge back under British control--the only Dominion in history to return to the status of a colony. Then the Second World War hit, bringing its own disasters right to Newfoundland's shores. In this episode, follow the dramatic stories of the German U-Boat that stalked the passenger ferry SS Caribou, and the phenomenal rescue of hundreds of sailors from the wrecks of the U.S. naval ships Truxton and Pollux.

With Newfoundland a hub of Allied activity, the war also revived Newfoundland's fortunes. A few years later, islanders sought a new political future in a hotly contested referendum. Then the resettlement program emptied the coasts of hundreds of communities. More recently, the government set a moratorium on fishing cod. In the years from 1929 on, one massive wave after another has rocked the island, and Newfoundland has been transformed.

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