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Vanished in the Mist: Part 1-3 DVD Set

Vanished in the Mist: Lost Newfoundland
By Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm and Russell Floren
Three Part DVD Series

In the three-part documentary Vanished in the Mist: Lost Newfoundland , the island's untamed and moody landscape is the dramatic setting for compelling stories that reach back through time. In exploring the relics of Newfoundland's past--lost colonies and abandoned migratory fisheries, WWII bases, outports and shipwrecks--the film reveals Newfoundland to be one of the most historically significant places in the New World. Its tale is filled with rogues, pirates and the ordinary men and women who faced hardship and isolation in their struggle to claim this island as their own.

In order to capture Newfoundland's harsh beauty, filming for the series spanned a period of three years and took place in all seasons. This 16mm footage is combined with evocative archival footage and photographs, aerial photography and a rich musical score to powerfully convey the spirit of a remarkable land.

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