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Enchanted Summers: The Grand Hotels of Muskoka - DVD

Enchanted Summers:
The Grand Hotels of Muskoka
By Cameron Taylor

50 minute DVD
This entertaining documentary brings back the romantic era of the heyday of Muskoka's grand hotels. Filled with fascinating archival shots and captivating 16 mm footage of the hotel sites as they now stand. Original 78 recordings evoke the unique spirit of each decade.

In the documentary, viewers are carried back in time through fascinating archival film footage and photographs, and a soundtrack which includes gramophone recordings from the 1920s through to the most popular names of the Big Band era. The present is linked with the past through beautiful 16mm footage of both the hotels and the captivating surroundings of Muskoka.

During the research, Lynx Images uncovered magnificent archival footage from the 1920s revealing a number of popular hotels, old steamships, as well as footage capturing the spirit of recreation the pageants, the regattas, and athletics.

Words from the creators: "The old footage is a time capsule," says Barbara Chisholm. "The clothing, the crowds converging at the steamer docks, the spirit of the times... it all evokes a romantic side of Muskoka that has faded. The footage made going back to these mostly deserted places during the film-shoot all the more eerie. What was once a lively hub of activity may now only conceal cracked, moss-covered steps under a cover of forest or brush." Adds producer/cinematographer, Russell Floren, "Creating something that shows people what once was there, putting past and present together making that connection that's what this project is trying to do."

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