After a short but intense two year period of running Angel House Heritage Inn & Suites, we regret to inform our future guests that we have decided to close the Inn & enjoy the house as our own family home. To the guests whom we have had the chance of hosting, thank you for making this time eventful and interesting! Your positive comments and encouragement gave us the opportunity to be one of the highest rated places in Newfoundland in a short period. Out of your encouragement and patronage has come our desire to build on some of the things we were doing at the Inn, namely, hoping to improve upon our breakfasts and baking.

Hence, our new business, Sweet Relic, a bakery café which will encompass our existing Angel House Antiques business as well. To those of you who are planning to return to the city in the future, please visit us at our new location, 42 Powers Court on the corner of Signal Hill Road leading up the hill to the National Historic Site Signal Hill. For information on the opening of the Bakery Café & Antique Shop Sweet Relic this Spring, please visit our main website at :

All the best,
Patricia & Russell

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